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As musicians / artists The Omega Point explore the following possibilities;

utopian vs dystopian outcomes

Industrial vs natural

isolation vs  commune


Additionally they contemplate how to capture  the traces of humanity within an accelerating technological culture, in particular our unique ability to seek meaning and purpose through myth creation, ritual, song and dance.


Described as a 'Jordorowsky film inside a band' by Tektek Ensemble's Paul Dornau,

emerging Melbourne based music and multimedia project, The Omega Point, made up of husband and wife duo Alexandra and Paul, is an Audio/ Visual project that fuses electronic  music with  performative storytelling, video art and design.

Alexandra Moon is a multimedia artist, performer and electronic musician, working mainly with Ableton Live. She trained at the University of NSW School of Art and Design, in Sydney, and at The European Theatre Institute, in Berlin, Germany. Alexandra gained experience in performance and direction, through various productions and exhibitions during her years residing in London and Berlin.   

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Paul Michel is a multi-instrumentailist and  music producer  originating from Mexico. He gained notoriety in Mexico with his band, Modern Vice, with whom he played on several notorious stages including Latido Festival and  Guanajuato International Film Festival (MEX). In recent times his audio interests have expanded to lighting  mapped to music using ableton Live.

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