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                                What         is          the           human        race       racing        towards?

Recent achievements:


  • We just completed a sold out run of an electronic ‘Gothic Eco-Opera ‘we composed called ‘COMMUNE’, supported by City of Melbourne Annual Arts Grants


What’s happening now: 


  • We will soon begin recording the LP of the music from COMMUNE with band and choir (at a studio we have access to inkind) .


What’s next: 


We are now planning our approach to finishing and releasing, and promoting the COMMUNE LP, which we could promote at an album launch and any future evolutions of the full production COMMUNE show, which after the success of the debut, we plan to stage again with bigger partners and more funding in the next few years.


Here are all the elements we ideally want to line up associated with the finishing of the COMMUNE LP and its release- 


  • Mixing/ Mastering - with someone who has an appreciation of fusing both electronic and traditional musical elements and who feels competent to work with the voice recordings of a 7 person choir. 


  • Creating a Physical Vinyl LP 


  • Creating Merchandise (T-shirts Pins)  


  • A publicity campaign - Hiring a publicist 


  • Marketing - Art content, Street posters, Social media


  • Physical distribution 


  • Release Plan with Gigs/ Tour:


  • Staggered single/ video released with at least 1 single release launch event in March 2023

Audio Visual Album:

We aim to create an Audio Visual album of COMMUNE co-directed by Chloe Sobjeko- that is to take the choreography from the show (ft. the cast of 18 artists who were involved in the performance) into various natural locations to create a long form music film which could also be split into 11 shorter videos (much like Meridith Monk’s Book of Days, Stylistically also like the films of Sergei Parajanov, Jordorowky). This long form audio visual album could also be split into 11 or so shorter videos to be released individually or could be viewed as one long video. 

The COMMUNE show:

In a dark and sepulchral world, we sing an acapella wish for the future of humanity.

COMMUNE is an immersive multi-artform event  (a blurring of music, dance, lighting design, poetry, bold costumes and theatre), directed by’ The Omega Point and featuring a gothic kaleidoscope of haunting electronic music from their LP in the making. 

COMMUNE has been devised collaboratively between musicians, dancers, artists and designers to co-create an evocative, dream-like experience.

Taking place In a vast and spartan Carlton church, dominated by a pipe organ soaring toward the sky, COMMUNE draws us together to contemplate the future of humanity – are we on the path to self-destruction or will this be a new awakening?

COMMUNE, directed by The Omega Point and co-devised with a diverse team of established and emerging artists, including physical theatre performers, drawing on a range of forms such as Butoh and the writings of Antonin Artaud. It will feature: musicians as dancers, dancers as musicians, dream-like multimedia immersion in an exploration of possibilities for the future of humanity.

Participating Artists/ Co-devisors : Helen Smith, Bronwen Kamasz, Alejandro Espino Aldana, Alexander Meagher, Mark Conroy, Gabrielle Leah New, , Anna White, Spira Stojanovik, Feifei Liao, Abraham Polatkesen, Anna O’Bryan, Amberosa Rollston, Jody Jane Stitt, Alexandra O’Connell, David Blom, David Buchanan

Sidney Younger, Sean Jenkins, Eleanor O'Connell

This event takes place on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

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